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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Jacks Bag, A Snacks Bag

an any this or that bag.

If you have kids then you probably have lots of little "things" everywhere.

One of my kids' friends got them each a bag of jacks. Instead of waiting for all of the little jacks to end up everywhere throughout my house I decided to make a bag for them.

The kids love the bags (they can differentiate whose are whose by the bag), they are easy to open & close, and I love that the little pieces end up back in the bags - not all over the floor!

I made one for my girlfriend's kid and she said she uses the bags for snacks. Easy enough to clean up, not a wasteful single use bag, and doesn't take up as much space as a plastic container! Yay!

This one I made with outdoor material so it can stay - well - outdoors. It has their many, many pieces of sidewalk chalk in it.

This fabric will become one for a birthday gift for one of the girls' friends. He can put his Lego pieces in it - and bring them with him to a playdate!


  1. "I love my iPad, but I hate trying to squeeze it into my purse, and I don't want a bigger purse. How can I buy one of these bags?"

  2. Just email me and I'll send you fabric choices, prices and delivery options!

  3. I am the girlfriend who gave the jacks to "Mommas" kids. First, thanks for not complaining about all of the small pieces(good eye-hand coordination & all that) Second, thanks for solving a very difficult problem: how the heck do you store kid stuff?!? We LOVE our bags. They hold, of course, the jacks, snacks, doll clothes (who has pollly pocket doll?), crayons & markers,great purse, whatever "needs" to be brought into the car, rock collections from our walks,the little "goodies" collected from bday parties (that can't ever be thrown out)... need I go on? I want more.Can I please buy more in different sizes?