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Thursday, August 9, 2012


I'm SO excited about this!
For a while now I have been on a hunt for dress-up clothes for my girls. The problems? Dress up clothes from a target-like store are cheaply made (in China), lack originality and are extremely expensive (especially when you consider the aforementioned)!

Clothes from a thrift store always require me to do *something* to them to make them even remotely fun for the girls to wear and, again, are too expensive for something coming from a "thrift" store.

I've made tutus for them. Any of you moms out there with tutus in your kids' closets know that they take up a ton of room!
So I decided to start making them capes!  Not just super-hero capes, but capes that allow their imaginations to soar!

These capes are fantastically fun, open the door for all kinds of imaginative play (which I have read is a very important activity in early childhood development), are unique, wash easily, are made in the USA  and - my favorite part - fold up into a little square and go neatly into a drawer or bag!

Round 1: "Pig" and "Cow" farm animals

The girls NEVER take these off. They have so much fun - and it's so easy for me to bring these capes along with us wherever we go! These are totally gender neutral dress ups so they can play with other girls or boys!

I love the piggy tail!


Round 2: Firefighter/Police Officer

It's hard enough getting a toddler to hold still for a picture; but a tot in a firefighter cape? forget about it!! She's definitely on the move...

Yes, that's a real reflector!

If you're interested in purchasing please see the "Buy" button on the right side of the blog. If you live close by me (you know who you are) and want to save the shipping charges just shoot me an email.


  1. "Momma" - this is such a cool idea! And what a perfect birthday gift!! Instead of getting "made in china" cheapo gifts, give a "made in the USA" gift that will last. One of my reasons why I follow your blogs is because my family is trying very hard to buy USA products that are "Safe" for us and the environment.I respect how much work goes into just plain old research to make these products. OK, so how much and if we have ideas, can you make it? I have a party to go to next week, before school starts, for a 5 yr old boy.I'm thinking fireman...policeman... Can you email me back with info

    1. Clawed, Thanks for the kind words. Of course you can make suggestions! Please do!!
      Different capes are different prices. Send me an email and I'll let you know the different prices.